HTTP:// LOGiN:vzk28xpc PASSWoRD:phantom
HTTP:// LOGiN:vzp34esp PASSWoRD:bgh2372
HTTP:// LOGiN:vzm96tbk PASSWoRD:tyz8299
HTTP:// LOGiN:vzm435vo PASSWoRD:uoa6765
HTTP:// LOGiN:vzy487pr PASSWoRD:zdd8737
HTTP:// LOGiN:vza135ce PASSWoRD:xtk4218
HTTP:// LOGiN:vzp825bv PASSWoRD:jwi9849
HTTP:// LOGiN:vsz78hdp PASSWoRD:nfu9668
HTTP:// LOGiN:vza314dr PASSWoRD:qwer1234
HTTP:// LOGiN:vzs92rok PASSWoRD:mzt4858


~ by Ming on March 2, 2008.

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